WTR Photo Library

brute force guys !!

Thunder & Lightening


...and then they grow up!

BJ & Cheyanne the speedster

MAN!   Mtn Climbing is Tiring!

Who is leading who?
White and Black Knight w/ Meiko & Koncho

Llama packers in the July 4th Cody Stampede Parade

Resident Great Horned Owls

Howard K  -  on a training run

Harpo, Spunky, Groucho, Chico

Magnus & Bonnie Pking Big Horn Mtns

Getting back to Horse Power

Mr. Bridger & Guest

And you thought they wouldn't all fit!   Meiko - Koncho     Howard K - Radar

Night mousing is hard work!  Kalico

Mike & Maggie -- Burlington Parade

Packing the Washakie Wilderness

Stroud Peak 13th Wayfarer

Torrey Creek 9th Wayfarer

Seneca 5th Wayfarer our next "Master Packer"

Packing in the Sheep Mtn area

Zipper in the Big Horn Mtns

Mt Osborn--Magnus--Bridger

Ferndale, CA PLTA--BJ & Harpo

Ferndale, CA PLTA--Mike & Groucho

Cody CAP Cadets preparing for a looooooong trek

"Goooood Stuff" - Lilly of the Valley

CAP Cadets & BJ Searching for an ELT

NO...this is not the Rockets practicing

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