Hikers everywhere are rediscovering the natural mountaineering ability of this South American member of the camel family.   Llamas have been bred for centuries in the rugged Andes Mountains where they negotiate the most challenging terrain with remarkable surefootedness, carrying loads up to 100 lbs.

Llamas come in all sizes and colors.  The average llama weighs between 300 - 400 pounds.   They are browsers and do well in the backcountry on available forage and llama treats.

Imagine the pleasure of leading a trained llama up a trail with YOUR pack on his back !!    Strong and gentle, quiet and agile, llamas are the perfect trail companion with no more impact on the ecology than a deer.  They can be easily led by those with no previous experience handling pack stock, and even by children. 

     Wayfaring Traveler Llama Ranch (WTR) is proud to have the ONLY llamas in the state of Wyoming that hold the Pack Llama Trail Association's (PLTA) highest award as "Master Packer".   Zasu Wayfarer, our master stud, PPLP Radar, Bola De Neava, Groucho Wayfarer, and Harpo Wayfarer are llamas of distinction.   But we can't leave out our Esparado who was rated as "Advanced Packer" only due to his young age.   Each time, at his 4 trials, he was handled by a complete stranger to llamas.   He just does whatever is asked.   
     Each year the ranch seeks to qualify two llamas that exhibit the "Master Packer" qualities.    BJ & Mike travel thousands of miles each year just to demonstrate their llama menageries abilities.   Mike is a PLTA Course Certifier and has experience in what to look for in a good packing llama and the tempest they must go through to qualify.

WTR Rents Llamas 

The Wayfaring Traveler Ranch will no longer be renting llamas.    They and the owners are now in retirement and plan on doing their own trips far away from home.

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